About Fideicide Productions

About Fideicide Productions

I created Fideicide Zine in late 2015 during a heightened period of boredom from living in the middle of nowhere. During that period of boredom and unbridled passion for the underground, I was reading a lot of the local "Codex Obscurum", the infamous "Slayer Mag", and had discovered "Terozin" from Bulgaria. I had also been discovering more and more new bands each day and it was something that I wanted to share with everyone else who was just as passionate about underground metal as me. What better way to do that than creating my OWN zine? 

I started my first, very small, very low-quality zine that winter with interviewing Mr. Violence from one of my personal favorites, Gehennah. It was a lot of effort as I did not have the funds to own a personal computer! I created the first issue of Fideicide by going to my local library, printing out my fucked up interviews and whatever pictures from there, and doing everything else by hand (true cut n' paste format!) When I printed out the first 50 issues of my zine in early 2016, I started getting orders from maniacs all over the world! Across the U.S., to the Philippines, to France, and beyond. 

Zine making is a LOT of work, which is not surprising at all! After the first issue, I had gone through a creative slump and went on hiatus until late summer of 2018 and started my zine back up again after moving to a MUCH less boring place. This is also when I had the idea of expanding the Fideicide name. I started up a radio show showcasing the music I've been listening to throughout each month. Fideicide Radio also became an extremely fun excuse to drink beers and talk about metal I like. Nothing wrong with that, right? Along with this, I'm proud to present my website, where you will find everything I've been working on; my distro, my radio show, band features, and more... 

Fideicide Zine: Issue #2 is currently OUT NOW!


-Dies Arae

(Creator of Fideicide Zine)

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