Satanas (PER)

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Satanas was a primitive black metal band from Peru, highly influenced by Sarcófago to the point of naming their band after a Sarcófago song. Ultimate props to 'em for this! Not much was known about this band as Satanas were only around for a year and only put out one demo. (A damned great demo at that!) It's unclear as to why this band ever broke up after such a short amount of time, perhaps it was just a small project for fun. They still remain a very underrated gem in the South American underground.

The drummer of Satanas died after the band split up. The forming member was in Peruvian black/death band Hadez for a very brief period of time. (Another band you should check out if you enjoy this! -ED )


Blasfemia (Demo 1989)

As mentioned earlier, this demo is the first and only release by Satanas and only contains 10 minutes of music. This was recorded on a four-track in '89 and distributed on cassettes.

Usually when one thinks of South American metal, you most likely think dirty, sloppy, and lo-fi... (Of course I mean that in the best way possible! -ED ) This release is nothing short of that! Hits the nail on the head for a demo that was being released out of South America during the late 80's: purely primitive black metal. The recording I heard was actually as lo-fi as you can get because the drums are on one side of the audio and vocals and guitar on the other side. This is obviously more noticeable if you’re listening with headphones on or if you're in a car.

This demo had gotten re-released in 2015 on 7" by Putrescense Records, and fortunately is of better quality! It's definitely a release worth tracking down!

Bands and obscure releases like these have always fascinated me, because these guys put out one evil sounding demo and seemingly vanished into thin air. I wonder where the forming member is nowadays, and if he's still listening to primitive black/death metal? Or has he taken the clean-cut Ph.D Wagner Antichrist route? (But then again, Wagner Antichrist is still into metal! -ED )

It's truly a mystery, and may remain that way...


1. La Plegaria (Intro)

2. Recrucifixion

3. Mis blasphemias **

4. Lucifer **

5. Engendreando 'al antichristo

6. Outro

(**-Favorite Songs)

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Blasfemia (COL)