Cruciamentum is UK-based death metal with a dark, gloomy overtone. Charnel Passages is their debut full-length and what I'd personally consider to be a modern-day classic death metal album. This version of the CD was released in 2015 through Profound Lore Records. It comes with a glossy slipcase, and a jewel case with the original album artwork. Booklet contains tons of cool artwork. 


This CD is also a bit older, and one more frequently played in my collection. So the CD has some scratches on it, but none enough to impact the sound, no skipping throughout the album. Booklet in excellent consition, slipcase in very good condition with only a couple of minor tears on the corners. 


DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A USED/SECONDHAND ITEM. Some of the cases may have minor scratches or wear, but I will put that under the description as so. If you want more details/pictures, feel free to send me an email at

Keeping prices low for used items, to spite the discogs assholes...

Cruciamentum - Charnel Passages CD