Not to be confused with black/death band, NECROHOLOCAUST (CAN).


NEKROHOLOCAUST hails from the west-coast US and had an early start in the domestic black metal scene, forming in 1987, after changing their name from NECROPHAGIA. They have a raw, dirty, and evil sound to them that's reminiscent of INCUBUS (GA), NECROVORE (TX), and early MORBID ANGEL complete with barking vocals. NEKROHOLOCAUST had unreleased music from 1988 and 1989, which went unheard of for decades until 2005 when it was released as this compilation, "In Memories of Fire". 


In 2011, this compilation was released by Serpents Head Reprisal (CAN) on filthy analog format the way it was supposed to be heard. 

Not a release suited for wimps. 

Nekroholocaust (US) - "In Memories of Fire" MC